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I Have a Dream Assignment American civil right activist Martin Luther King Jr. wrote the famous speech “I Have a Dream”, and delivered it at Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. King’s speech is about freedom. He begins his speech with the emancipation of the slaves, issued by Abraham Lincoln, and later mentions that after they were freed from slavery, the blacks are still not free. King states all men were issued a check and a promise of freedom, but for the black men and women the check has come back with “insufficient funds”. The members of the civil rights union return America’s unkept promise with one they will keep – the continued pursuit of justice. Along with his supporters, King demand their freedom now, they demand things to change urgently and without delay from the authorities. They don’t want to see slow change; they would rather see a huge change immediately. King hopes to gain equality through non-violence. He tells fellow black people to not turn towards hate or bitterness nor turn to guns or fists. He knows that violence to gain peace will only lead to and endless cycle of fighting. He also believes black people must not let one incident lead them to hate all people of a different race and nationality. He knows that would only lead to the same kind of discrimination he is fighting against. He claims that when freedom “rings” from allover the United States, even the South, when people from different races, religions and nationalities are able to hold hands, they will be free. The sender is Martin Luther King Jr., while the receiver is the audience at Lincoln Memorial and, to a greater distinct, the United States. The message is shown in the latter part of the speech, when King is talking about his dream. It could be a reference to The American Dream. The American Dream exists – for the white Americans. The dream should apply to everybody as it

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