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Employee Portfolio: Management Plan By: Kirsten Fertig MGT/311 * * * With the three employees who completed the surveys which were given out their characteristics were somewhat similar. All three employees had a focused goal oriented determination. Another plus with the employees is that they all have different variables such as gender, age, past experience which they bring to the work area. Different backgrounds can allow room for growth amongst each other and for a learning experience to occur by teaching one another different and new ways of completing a job easier and or faster. The characteristics of the employees could boost their performance by boosting the attitudes and morals of other employees to want to do better if other employees see the three employees enjoying his or her job, getting their jobs done and completed as well as having fun while working. All three employees’ personalities were different but meshed together to aid one another. Two of my employees were team oriented and one of the employees was a leader. So with the different levels all could come together to improve different areas within the work field to increase performance within sections, divisions and the company. * In my opinion surveys given of a person’s personal performance based aspect, personality, emotions, etc. are all beneficial but there should also be a survey or a type of questionnaire given to the employees about how the company as a whole does, where the company could improve, how it could improve and what type of incentives could be given to employees who meet certain quotas or

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