i Get Scared Essay

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what I'm scared of is the darkness .I get scared at night.In order for me to fall asleep I need some type of light. It either has to be my my t.v or my closet light . I get freaked out going somewhere that's really dark . For example my basement . I hate going to my basement not only because its dark ,but because its empty. I hate going by myself ,when I go I run out as quickly as I could. Darkness has to be my biggest fear. I would not go anywhere dark by myself. If its a must I take my cellphone with me.I'm also afraid of hieghts but I could face that, I would get on the six flags rides. Darkness is the one thing that I'm really afraid of.I think it has alot to do with my childhood. I would watch a lot of scary movies and will enjoy hearing scary stories . But at night I will regret listening to those stories. My older brother also made me believe in Chucky and all those other scary fake characters. I would also have my older brother scare me by telling me crazy things that ill believe ,and wasn't true. I blame him too. I would also hate seeing cartoons that will involve scary charaters. I would hate Scooby Doo becaause it had alot of scary stories. Till the day I still get freaked out reall quick with anything that has to do with death. I love hearing happy stories and not scary stories. I wish I wasn’t affected by the darkness but I am. I also prefer coming out when its day light outside. When it gets dark I get freaked out and want to go home. If I’m alone I walk faster then I could to get home
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