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I did not violate my contract, in anyway shape or form I feel I was singled out, and my contract terminated, without any fair warning or reason. I was an extremely good company person, and brought the company much business, because I have more customers I can handle by myself because of my professional reputation, I had many repeat client business came from the internet and many of those client asked for me personally. Because of that, I not only met my financial obligation with you. I was also able to pass on business to other drivers. At the time my contract because of this people were jealous against me. Talked behind my back, I was even told are of the supervisor was suspious about me. Told out managers they could not trust me. Sometimes when at the curbs or at different hotels. Clients would for me personally. That would cause me to move in front of the line that made other drivers jealous against me, and complain against me and it seem to me they was prejudice against me, no true or good reason was given to me for canceling my contract only excuses, based on heresay illegal or rumors, I was told I was on the phone when I was picking up client if I was, it was most likely dispatchor a client calling me, I was told one day I was driving with the wrong shoes on and one day I had mears pants and black jacket and yet nobody produce my accuser, nobody was curtions enough to tell me those were things they did not like. They were not true. Expect for the day I ware grey pants and black jacket, and even if they were true they did not violate my contract I really looked out for this company, and I am confident I was atrendmus blessing. But doorman, other drivers even management was jealous and prejudice against me, at the time that you illegally commended the keys back I had two customers that wanted me to pick them up one was a women who’s husband own’s his own

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