I Definitely Think That the Allure of Power Leads People to Behave in Poor and Unethical Ways.

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Graphic Organizer | Introduction | What is your opinion on the topic posed? What other thoughts will you include in the opening of your opinion piece?I definitely think that the allure of power leads people to behave in poor and unethical ways. When power gets to people’s heads, they go crazy. Macbeth, the speaker in the Second Coming states that only powerful people are happy and dictatorships. | Body paragraphs (one paragraph per reason) | Three reasons why you feel that way and real-world examples or quotations for the text you will use as support: Reason 1: When Macbeth found out he had a chance at being king, he didn’t want to let anyone in his way. Support: First he killed the king, then Banquo. He started to regret it a little bit but Lady Macbeth reminded him of the power to come and he kept going. Reason 2: In the Second Coming, it starts with the speaker and his falcon. Support: The speaker states that the only people with any enthusiasm anymore are the powerful people. His falcon flew away and he wasn’t coming back. It was almost like the falcon was mocking him because he knew he was more powerful than the owner. Reason 3: Modern dictators let all their power go to their head. Support: Rafael Trujillo was dictator of the Dominican Republic for 18 years. He wanted people to think of him as God. In front of churches, he ordered that they put a sign up that states “God in heaven, Trujillo on Earth.” He wanted power he certainly didn’t deserve. | Closing | What are your final thoughts on this topic? How will you restate your ideas/position in short form? People absolutely behave poorly when given any type of power. Macbeth received his motivation for the power in killing people, the falcon in the Second Coming was powerful when he flew away and Rafael Trujillo was a dictator that demanded to be seen as God.

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