I Consider Myself as a Champ

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I consider myself as a Champs Sport Champion. I believe anything is possible through out life. People always face challenges, but we have to learn from them and to face them no matter what. I know I’m a very active guy in the community because I like to be motivated. I played tennis since I was in the seventh grade and it’s not just for whose good but it’s all about fun. Practice always makes a difference because you can see a change when you are playing. The most unique thing about me is that I try my best to accomplish everything I do through out my life. There is one special thing about me, that sets me apart from other students in my class is that I enforce myself to do my work, so I can get through the real world. My parents do not speak English, so I am my own self advocate. I work incredibly hard on my school work. Also, I utilize all kinds of resources to master the language and become a highly successful student. I try to ask thoughtful questions whenever I'm in class and don't understand something. If I need help I must ask my teachers instead of my parents. I have done this since I started school here in the U.S. Many people had told me that I don't know the meaning of surrender because I'm always up to something. When I want to get through something I take step by step to accomplish that need. It might sometimes be difficult for me, but unless I put that effort, I can do anything. I have told my sisters that we can make a big difference in our lives by giving everything we got. My parents have told me that we’re here in America to have a better life. By getting a scholarship, it wouldn't only help me in my education I would use it to help others in my career as a
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