I Can Write an Essay About Positive and Negative Aspects of My Life in 2175

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I got up quickly because I heard an unusual sound. Opening the windows of my bedroom, I noticed that nothing was different. The sun, which normally illuminated the street 10 years ago, didn’t appear. My last two children and my husband were sleeping quietly. I couldn’t avoid crying when I saw them. It’s during these decades that I fondly remember the time when my life was filled of happiness. Even though remembering the time when wars weren’t common makes me smile, I can’t be indifferent about our actual situation. If we hadn’t taken that pill, we wouldn’t have suffered in this world. Nowadays, war-wounded come more often to our hospital. Although my husband and I try to save all of them, many people who fight in order to survive die daily. Though the fact that we know how to help them, the pollution infects many wounds. Therefore, they die is due to infections. Science advances in creating new weapons and thieves prey on the innocence of children. Also, abortion and suicide has become more common because there nothing to do in the world, so citizens aren't afraid of seeing dead bodies in the street. The fact that the smell of blood is floating in the air makes you alert. Despite the suffering and chaos, I had the opportunity to see more than one generation at the same time. Also, I know what everybody means when they say “Together forever" because i have been married with the same man for 120 years, and I love it. Consequently, some people believe that there is something beyond the pain and sadness. It is time to fight for our children to know happiness. It's time to learn to solve our problems together. It is a time of

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