I Believe In God Essay

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Wilglory Tanjong Mrs. Ardle Honors English 10 January-01-08 I Believe in God There are many things that I believe in such as God, knowledge, success, kindness, and love. I also believe in life, music, karma technology and miracles. However the most prominent thing that I believe in would be God. I believe in God because I grew up in a Christian household; they’re actual records of a man named Jesus, and I know that God loves me and so much more. In my heart I know that God loves everyone. He loves people so much that he is willing to forgive if that person is ready to repent. He also answers prayers. When I was younger, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. The day my dad told me and my sisters about the disease was probably one of the worst days of my life. As a child who believed so prominently in God, all I could do was cry and pray. I prayed for my mom to get better, because she was all that I had. Her cancer was like a cold, it always came back. One day when I was older, she told me and my sisters that the doctors said the cancer had come back. As just as I had done years ago, I prayed and cried. The treatments that she was on worked and once again, the cancer was gone. Over summer 2011 my mom was told that the cancer had come back, and this time it had spread to her spine. This time it was more fatal than ever. She was to get surgery to remove it immediately. This was the type of surgery where there was a percentage, although low that she could die. The surgery had gone great, except during it her breathing had collapsed. I almost lost my mom. I would never forget the day I was told that she had almost died, but thankfully she had survived. Weeks later, she finally came home from the hospital. She had to learn to walk again and needed help doing just about everything. But my sisters and I didn’t mind, we’d do anything for her. Now she’s almost
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