I Believe Goodness Essay

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I believe there are aliens in outer space, but how do you know? I believe I can be successful in the future, but how do you define success? I believe our world will be peaceful and harmony one day, but how far is it going to be? I believe a lot of things, but how do I know it is worth? You don’t have to know, you don’t have to define and you don’t have to wonder because when you believe, there is it. I believe the life is amazing and people around me are good. Do you? One problem that most people have is that they don’t believe anything. They don’t believe goodness, human nature, or even themselves. What’s more, some think the world is evil and they believe conspiracy theory which is a belief that explains an event as the result of a secret plot by exceptionally powerful and cunning conspirators to achieve a malevolent end. They don’t believe the statement given by the government which was cover of something unspeakable. They don’t believe the history which was also provided by the party in control. They don’t believe American has landed in the moon in 1969, and the footage was forged. They think that aliens have been to the earth for a long time, but the truth was covered up. They don’t believe their capacities, their talents, and their goodness buried deeply down in their hearts. They perceive people nearby as evil. Though with some evil things mentioned above, I still believe there are more goods than evils in the world, and when you believe goodness, the world is more delighting and wonderful. I am surprised that good deeds that a man did turned out to be faults. I am angry that some criminal still running away from the justice. I am sorry that we live in a world that no longer have a definite boundary of good and bad. Most of us stand with their legs on both sides. But I still believe goodness will get its reward and evil will not get away from punishment.

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