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Claire Wang Mr.Kaplan American Literature 25 August 2015 I Believe in Self-Expression “Kids that dye their hair are kids that won’t do well in school!” I still remember when my aunt scolded me this past summer when I went back to China with dyed hair. My aunt, being the conservative person she is, dislikes piercings, dyed hair, and ripped jeans. Although I have proven myself with my grades over the years, my aunt is still very against all of these things I love very much. A couple of days before I went to China for the summer, I bought a box of blond hair-dye and dyed my hair light brown. Knowing that I’m definitely going to get in trouble for dyeing my hair, I did it anyways to stand up for what I believe in. I believe in self-expression. Dyeing my hair is my form of self-expression, and I felt that it was unfair of my Aunt to forbid that for an unfair reason. Although I wasn’t that intent on dyeing my hair before leaving for China, I changed my mind after remembering that my Aunt hates dyed hair, I was set out to be a rebel and go back with dyed hair. I thought to myself “Why can’t I do it? Dyeing hair is a form of self-expression and I’m not even doing anything extreme, like getting ten piercings in one day. Plus, is it wrong to want to express myself against the norms in her standard? Everybody has different standards on what’s too much. Like, some people might think that having pink hair is too extreme, others might think that having pink hair is the norm. Having different standards means that we are all different, therefore, we all have somewhat different ways of thinking, and that’s normal. Even though I was scolded this past summer for dyeing my hair, if I’m given the chance to turn back time, I would do it again. Just like how people fought for civil rights in the old days, I’m fighting for the right to express myself with high risks (my Aunt is

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