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I am someone who cannot wait to be a parent therefore, I believe if we want to make our society better we need to raise our children and raise them well. When you become a parent it’s your responsibly to be a good parent. There are too many people who have a negative impact on their child or children from being worthless parents. Raising a child can be very difficult. Children learn how to be adults from none other than adults themselves. Parents need to be willing to teach their children. They need to show they are good listeners. They are sometimes too quick to judge their children's actions and words so that they do not hear their cry for love, attention or help. You have to talk about anything and everything under the sun to your child. They need to know that they can talk to you about anything, no matter what it is, without feeling embarrassed or afraid they'll get into trouble over it. Parents need to listen to their child's feelings and reactions to things, like sex and drugs. Also, they need to let them have their own opinions and voice them too. Understanding their point of view and where they are coming from also will help be a good parent. If parents want their child to do what is right, I think that they need to set an example by also doing what is right. Children should be taught how to be responsible, caring, hardworking and patient from watching and learning from their parents. As a parent you are someone that your child looks up for guidance, you are their role model. You are responsible for the new generation you created. Why is being a good parent important? First of all, your children are likely fall in your footsteps. They are going to repeat the good and the bad habits you show them. The cycle won’t end, but it has to if we all want a healthier, smarter, and successful society. If you are not a good parent, you are not giving you child or

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