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Amy Darley 620:005:23 This I Believe Extra Credit Essay-364 Word Count Never Ending Question This I believe… I believe in the absolute and incredible power of “why?” There really is no problem that cannot be solved by asking why. Why is the sky blue? Why are we at war? Why do you hate me? Why is powerful because it demands explanation without room for avoidance. You can always ask why again. I cannot understand war. I truly believe it to be the only concept beyond my comprehension, because I cannot understand “why” the leaders of warring nations cannot meet and simply ask each other… “why?” Why allows for understanding where there was once ignorance. I believe that if two opponents could be honest with each other and with themselves when answering the question why we could all come to realize that we are all in this life together. So “why” is it not that easy? Why can we not try to understand? Those are the why’s that I ask myself when I think about a soldier in a foreign land fighting. Please do not interpret that as being anti-army or anti-servicemen. The men and women who fight for their country, whatever country they may fight for, have my utmost respect and admiration. But I must ask why in our modern and evolved world is there a need for military? Why do we fight? The answer to me is that individuals are not allowing the power of why to work in their lives. I believe that “why” can help us all individually. Why do I feel love for some and hate for others? Why do I believe in the things I do? Why am I the person I am? I believe that when you begin to ask yourself the powerful question “why” and really allow yourself to contemplate the question you will begin to find the answers. I know that is simplistic, but I believe it is true. If the cliché` “seek and you will find” is true, then it is also true that if you ask the question you will find the

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