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I believe that God not only answers our prayers, He keeps His promises too! Does God answer our prayers? What do you think about this question? Does it strike a chord in your basic belief system and just irritate you? Some people will say without hesitation a firm and resounding YES!!! While others are not as enthusiastic; for me I have to say yes, He does. I was a single parent for a very long time and with God’s guidance both of my children are becoming great people. People that I can say I actually like to be around, not many parents are willing to say that about their children. I am not one of those parents and let me you why. As a single parent of 2 young adults in their twenty’s I have had my doubts on more than one occasion that I was doing all the right things as they were growing. My children’s father and I divorced when they where 5 and 7 years old. To say that he was not around for much of their childhood is being kind. Of course, this put me in the position of being both mother and father. Can you imagine how difficult it was for me to punish my children for one thing and then in the span of less than five minutes have to console them for something entirely different? Anyone with knowledge of single parent families knows this is no walk in the park! The responsibilities are enormous and many times the load is daunting. I as a parent have spent many hours on my knees and in tears praying that my children would always choose to do the right thing. As we know, choosing the wrong thing is often quicker and easier! Just this past weekend one of my children and I were sitting and talking in the front seat of my car about a specific choice that they had needed to make for a very long time. This was a conversation that we have had countless times before. This particular issue was so important because it was done under false

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