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It is known that children between the ages of birth to three have more brain cells then we can think of. It is estimated that about a hundred billion brain cells exist in the average child of three years of age. It is up to the teachers and parents to stimulate these cells before a child gets around three years of age. Or these cells that are not use will be lost. I believe in stimulating children’s minds so that these cells will not be lost. In order for me to make my belief true I have to teach them all the material that will help them be successful. Although there is not enough time to teach them everything, I will try to teach them enough to get them to elementary school. Also it is the parents job to let me teach there child everything I can by bring them to school and following up at home. Every morning I go into work at a preschool ready to teach new things. The children come in every morning ready to learn. I teach the children colors and shapes; but before they start learning that they start learning their body parts, emotions, and feeling from birth up to age one. Then after that they learn their numbers and letters. Because I have this belief in stimulating kid’s minds and I follow through with it every day they are then ready to start reading. They are ready to read because they have conquered all the materials they needed to learn. My belief came about when I was taking classes that had to do with working with children. My teacher had explained to us how crucial it was to stimulate a child mind by reading, talking, and teaching a child. All of this will help stimulate a child mind. The teacher also explained to us that kids are like sponges. They absorb everything they are given and they don’t forget anything. This makes me want to teach as many kids I can in my life time. So that I can say that I change the world a little bit. I have my own child who

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