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I Am Who I Am As there may be many events that can happen to someone in a lifetime, there are only a few that can impact a person. I for one have had many experiences that are life changing but one that I’ve noticed within myself lately that’s been a common occurrence is who I’ve become. Tomboy, a girl who enjoys rough, noisy activities traditionally associated with boys. Never having a male figure gave me the encouragement to go and find some and I soon became a “tomboy” where I see it more as title than the literal definition because I do not have all the standards for a tomboy, it is just my attitude and the way I view things that make me fit into that category. After middle school, I started to surround myself with a majority of male friends who little by little made an impact in who I am today. I became aware that the world I once called my comfort zone when I was little was a target to destroy and rebuild from the ground up and I weighed the pros and cons of the situation and decided that it is what I want. I literally got the inside look of a guys life and I did not have to go sneaking around trying to figure out those little things girls die to know about a guy because it was presented to me. It was all peaches and cream until recently I became aware that my male figures were some how controlling how I am developing. All the conversations, words of advice, or jokes were from a guy’s point of view, it is how I have learned to look at things in life and soon enough I started to, well "think like a man." Now many may think its beneficial to know what the guys are thinking and how they view girls and what is right or wrong in their perspective but it does not give a girl the basic nourishment she needs to be a girl. Feeling like one of the guys isn't all that great when it's a common occurrence, it becomes an annoyance and a constant reminder that you're only

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