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Glucose Control in Type Two Diabetes Brandon Heath Tennessee Wesleyan College Glucose Control in Type Two Diabetes There are 24 million people in the United States of America that have diabetes mellitus, which is roughly eight percent of the population. [ (Evans, 2010) ] The majority of these people are diagnosed with type two diabetes. With this is in mind, it is vital to be able to effectively treat and care for individuals with this chronic disease. In the article, Evidence-Based Practice Protocol to Improve Glucose Control in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Michael Evans explores a study on how to improve glucose control in people with this disease. In it, he explains that the key to minimizing secondary complications in diabetes mellitus is to effectively control blood glucose levels. When individuals consistently keep their levels of blood glucose as close to normal as possible it slows the progress of: diabetic nephropathy, retinopathy, neuropathy, and other related diseases. [ (Evans, 2010) ] While current protocols and practices do a good job at managing the disease process, this article proposes that more could be done. For instance, in order to more effectively control sugar levels in diabetics Michael Evans suggests that follow up interventions, led by advanced practicing nurses, paired with standard protocols helps to better meet this goal. In these follow up interventions the nurses have the opportunity to provide additional information which helps reduce knowledge deficits, as well as, tailoring the care to each individual. They are able to see a more individualized picture of each patient by looking at information provided by the patient. From this information the health care team is more equipped in providing the patients with pertinent information and patient center care. As a result of the tailored care, the diabetic

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