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The challenge of reading I am the Cheese by Robert Cormier comes from the three levels of narration Cormier used. In the book he uses reality and fantasy and present tense and past tense.This makes the book hard to read and understand, But also interesting because it makes you want to know what happened and it makes the book mysterious. Cormiers choice to narrate in this manner is both positive and negative. The positive effect upon the reader is that it makes you want to know what really happened to Adam, the 14 year old boy from the book. Cormier goes switching between fantasy and reality, the fantasy of Adam riding his bike to where his dad is, and the reality of actually being held captive and being questioned as if it was a therapy session. Lastly adams flashbacks to when he was with his parents.This is positive because it gives the reader wanting more and asking more questions. Towards the end of the book you realize that Adam has severe PTSD and forgets the entire story after he tells it to the person who is questioning him and then you realize that he will always be in this state retelling the story over and over. The very end is a report from the man who has been questioning Adam, Brint. the report talks about how Adam will be held in this place until the government kills him or until he dies. This report is very hard to understand and is very confusing so while you read the book you really have to pay attention to the little things so you can piece them together at the end. The negative aspect of this book is the fact that it is very hard to tell what is going on because you don’t realize that you are being switched between the past and the present and reality and fantasy until halfway through the book. The way Cormier switched between these Levels of Narration was very confusing and sometimes awkward especially when you wanted to know what was

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