I Am Proud of India Essay

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| India is among the fortunate countries in the world that are ecstatic with the treasures of such an opulent and diverse melange of culture. The Indian culture is apparent in each and every aspect of congenial life extending back to an indiscrete stroke of over 5000 years. The glorious Culture and Heritage of India have invariably ameliorated by the consecutive billows of migration of the people from the near as well as from distant countries. The numerous religions followed by the people of India verily, is the essence of Indian culture. The rich and ancient civilization of India has left myriad of traveler awestruck with its variance and pungency. The culture and the heritage of this ancient peninsula embrace the whole shebang from diverse religions to rich artistry and literature, from clothes to cuisine and glorified art and architecture. This prevalent culture has made India most captivated destination for the die- hard tourists from all over the world. Religion and their Diverse Festivals India is a country embellished with varied number of religions adopted by people related to all faiths, living in complete amity and with an immense tolerance for other's belief. India is a country with surfeit of people following the religion of Hinduism in majority besides this India is an abode of other religions like Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. The festivals of India are associated deeply with different religions, therefore celebrations never come to an end here, it is said that as many festivals are there in India that many religions prevails in the country. Diwali and Dusshera the most prestigious festivals of Hindus are celebrated all over the country with much of esteem, on the other side the Muslim festival Eid and Christmas festival of Christians are also equally celebrated with same enthusiasm | India is among the fortunate

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