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I Am Not Perfect I am not a perfect person, And I don't try to be. I am just another imprisoned soul, That is longing to be set free. I don't want to be in this place anymore, I don't want to shed anymore tears. I'm sick of always hiding inside of myself, This has gone on for too many years. I don't want to show my emotions, Or to tell you how I feel. I just want to know the difference, Between what is fake and what is real. I'm just another lost soul, That is waiting to be found. I'm just another liability, That you don't want around. I'm just falling through the air, And I'm about to hit the ground. But I don't expect anyone to catch me, Because no one wants me around. No one really cares about me, They just ignore me every day. No one really cares enough, To even ask me if I'm okay. Emotion Tears bottled up she's going to explode. Trying not to let them fall, or let emotion show. Full of anger and sadness, it's tearing her apart. She tries not to show it, but it's killing her heart. She's hurting inside.. there's no one to talk to. She tries to explain, but they just don't understand tears in her eyes on the pillow they land She goes to bed crying and wakes up to a whole new day, hoping it will be better, but finds out it's all still the same. They say "oh she's just a teen", but they don't know what she's going through. Suicide This thought comes almost every day, We have become close friends as we were one in the same. Then soon enough it will be the end I cry almost every minute So much pain, so much hurt My feelings and memories are like a hurricane. I'm alone, scared during this storm and as the tears run down my face . Seems like there is no way in stopping the intolerable emotions, pain, and frustration that the world puts upon my shoulders. I hear no birds singing their joyful

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