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English Teel Paragraphs (I Am Legend) Teel Paragraph #1: T- An individual’s will to accept and to adapt to a desolate future lies in their motivation E- In “I Am Legend” the last human on earth, Robert Neville, survives in a lonely and harsh environment. Not only does his daily routine require structure, diligence and simplicity to survive the vampire apocalypse, he also carries out a series of scientific experiments to give him a sense of hope and purpose. E- Through the effective use of litany, “First separate the bulbs into small sickle shaped cloves...then he strung the garlic cloves, nailed them over the window boarding”. L- It is clear the Robert Neville has adapted and accepted how to survive in a vampire apocalypse and used his motivations in order to make a difference. Teel Paragraph #2: T- The experience’s of an individual allows him to rise up and take control of an impending future. E- In the novel “I Am Legend” Robert Neville’s experiences have a consequential role in his everyday dealings. He not only dealt with having to bury his wife once but also for a second time putting her to rest when she showed up as a vampire to his doorstep the following night but he finds hope in the short companionship of Ruth and the Dog. E- “She came back, you see,” he said. “I buried her, but one night she came back... “I put her away again,” he said. “I had to do the same thing to her I’d done to the others. My own wife.” But when he meets Ruth this sorrow fades away. “And, now that the first shock had passed, Neville didn’t know what to say. He’d been dreaming of this moment for years. His dreams had never been like this.” L-It is clear that the experiences Robert Neville has faced have caused him to rise up and take control of the dull forthcoming that was set before him. Teel Paragraph #3: T- Undoubtedly, the attitudes that an individual has

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