I Always Believed And I Always Will Essay

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I always believed and I always will I was born in Ukraine, Kiev, and I have lived there my entire life. Every single member of my family: parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were Orthodox Christians. I wasn’t baptized at a young age as others Christians do. I was already at that age when we are able to make independent decisions. I can reassure you that I made this decision (to be baptized and be closer to God) on my own, and I have never regretted my choice. This is why I was baptized in Orthodox Church just as everybody else of my siblings when I was sixteen years old. I never really practiced religion or went to the church every Sunday as most believers do nowadays but, I have always felt that we were not alone in this world. I have a big family: four sisters and one brother. However, everyone chose what to believe in independently. No one was forced to become the servants of the Lord. In our family, no one can tell you what one must believe in, and we all respect each other’s opinions and choices. We are not forced to go to church; we are free to make our own decisions, to choose own life paths. However, I loved going to church during big Christian holidays, especially when I had the darkest periods in my life. I have been trying and still working hard to find a peace of mind through the Church. I love sharing my happy moments with God and thank him for every single one that I have been blessed to have. I love having God in my life to guide me through the dark “times” and show me the light to the right “side.” Our faith should be an internal feeling that stays with us all the time. It will help me to stay on the right track and never stop believing in the power of God. My faith helps me to avoid a lot of mistakes and wrong decisions, and I am grateful to God for it. I am fascinated with Christian ideals and Christian views on life because of its

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