I-526 Essay

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Parris Dawson October 4, 2012 English 111 Second Essay Assignment T. Whisnant “The State Moves to Take Over I-526” Have you ever been so eager for something that you just couldn’t wait for it to happen? Picture yourself getting ready for one of the biggest days in your life, like your graduation for example. Imagine that you are leaving your house relieved to know that this is the last day you will ever have to carry along the thoughts of high school. Coming along the interstate, it’s backed up to your neck in traffic so not only are you late, but you are not sure that you will get to your graduation on time. What if it was a doctor’s appointment you were late to or even a job interview? Living on any of the islands in Charleston is like were being punished from the government. If we had a smoother flow of cars on the road, we wouldn’t have to leave our houses an hour or two earlier. Not only is it a burden to leave our homes earlier but waking up earlier is also. According to Findlay, in the summer of 2007 the State Department of Transportation agreed to manage the Mark Clark Expressway Project for James and Johns Island traffic. (State, Post & Courier) How is traffic getting worst over time? Who or what are the key factors in improving the problem? How can the state and government help and why is it taking so long? Even though extending i-526 will destroy the development of the islands, it needs to be extended for the public’s safety of narrow roads, hurricane evacuations, and traffic. Nearly every road coming on or off the islands are narrow, small, and unsteady. Picture yourself coming down a rigid and unfamiliar highway, driving below the speed limit 55 because you have to watch for deer and the trees that have grown too close to the roads that could cause an accident. An accident caused by hitting a deer may lead to your death,
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