Hypothetical & Categorical Imperatives

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Advertisements TV adverts are so important to a product because they show the product to the customers, if there was no advert for a product then the item would never been seen on TV and if there is no advertisement of the product then the item is useless. TV adverts are so powerful for the product as it shows why you need to buy the product; if you saw a product on a shelf that you never knew about you wouldn’t buy the product as you don’t know what it is and what it does. For an example if fifa 13 was never advertised most people wouldn’t even know if it is out or not. The advert that shows Games (fifa, Call of duty) are aimed at gamers that are aged 3 or over for fifa and 18 and over for Call of duty, fifa is 3 and over because it’s a football game and the most played sport in the world is football so people will buy the game without being told your too young to buy the game, on the other hand call of duty is for 18+ as it’s a violent game and is disturbing for little kids like 5-12. The scenes show fun, addicting etc. Fifa is loud cheerful and colourful, and call of duty is sad, blood, bad language which is not suitable for children and the impact it has is that it can influence kids and do bad things as they get older. The sound is noisy, which draws teenagers into the game as this is how they grow up, not being sad and quite. There are all sorts of camera shots at the start of the advert on the football one it starts off with a close up but pulls back to show the other players coming to tackle him. Then goes to a long shot because it’s showing the tacklers get beaten and when the player shoots it goes from mid shot to close up and when it’s in the goal it’s a very close up. Call of duty mostly stays on a mid-shot view to keep all the action in the screen as they are showing all the attention on the killing. The main advertising techniques that used

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