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Hypothesis Testing Paper

  • Submitted by: quacy2009
  • on April 23, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Hypothesis Testing Paper
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Hypothesis testing paper
The warning signs of suicide are not common knowledge due to the taboo on the subject in our society.   Society views suicide in a discriminatory way.   The social, cultural and religious views of suicide often differ from those of the individual.   Does the individual’s viewpoint differ from that of their chosen religion?   Does it differ from those of their own society?   How does religion play a role in suicide and the treatment of those who attempt or commit suicide? Is the male rate of suicide different from that of females?   What warning signs can we look for in the individuals with whom we have contact?
This topic is difficult for anyone to talk about either in public or private.   Culture and religion play some role in this taboo.   What is the role they play in determining whether it is acceptable to discuss this subject?   How is it that some cultures view suicide as a martyr’s death that is a giving of life to a cause and others see it as being a punishable offense?   In our own culture, we try to protect people from suicidal tendencies.   In other parts of the world, suicide is an acceptable alternative.
Suicide is, by definition, the act of killing oneself in a deliberate, voluntary and intentional manner (Strickland, 2001).   Any action that an individual undertakes deliberately that can have life-threatening consequences is classed as suicidal behavior.   These actions include drug overdose and knowingly crashing a vehicle.
The wide range of views held by society concerning suicide differs from culture to culture and religion to religion.   In some societies, suicide is seen as noble and in others it is a crime (Ballas, 2009).
Approximately one million people commit suicide yearly around the world.   These are those who are successful in their attempts.   The number who attempt suicide worldwide in a single year is...

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