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Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

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Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis
Katie L. Williams

Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

This research assignment requires students to search their university library for an article that reports original research on a specific topic. However, this topic must either fall under the category of communication, economics, finance, marketing, technology, or a topic approved by their instructor. During the development of this paper students need to include and summarize the articles hypothesis. Define whether or not this hypothesis is rejected or accepted and include a brief summary of any implications that arose from the results in this study.
Below is a description of an article titled, “Bovine Model for the Study of Reproductive Aging in Women: Follicular, Luteal, and Endocrine Characteristics.” This particular case study the scientists are trying to prove that their hypothesis of the Bovine Model will work to study age and human reproductive fertility is correct. The study focuses on proving this hypothesis by using studies conducted on cows, for instance, this study characterizes age-related changes in ovarian and endocrine functions of old cows and also to investigate how these changes are associated with human reproductive aging.
In order for this study to test their hypothesis, they needed to compare both embryo production and pregnancy rates of cattle, between the ages of 13 to 16, to daughters of these cattle whose ages are between three and six. The data collected from these specimens was put together after superovulation and transfer of embryos into an unrelated group of young recipients. Some of the tests conducted within this research study to prove the hypothesis are as follows, according to (Malhi, 2005);
“That aging in cattle is associated with 1) elevated concentrations of gonadotropins and reduced concentrations of steroid hormones...

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