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Hypothesis Identification Analaysis Paper

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Individual Assignment:

Individual Assignment: Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis
Nonprofit organizations use marketing techniques to target the audience he or she is trying to connect with to obtain funding.   Several options may seem familiar a new approach questions if marketing should or should not change with the organization focus. The following paragraphs will identify and summarize the hypothesis the article describes, an explanation whether the hypothesis is accepting or reject and what are the implications of the findings are for the study. The paper will conclude with a summary of a conclusion of the topics discuss in the paper.
The article dispute how the resource attainment process may influence the style of marketing approach a nonprofit organization use to target prospects for funding. Donatives nonprofits primary income is from public contributions.   These contributions are in the form of money, donations, partnerships, private investors, government, and grants. Donation nonprofit organizations focus the marketing approach to attract donor funding. Commercial nonprofits main revenue is through the sale of goods and distributing the organizations services. Examples consist of bake sales, raffle tickets, volunteers, and hosting specialty events. Commercial nonprofit businesses use marketing techniques such as web-promotion and place marketing to obtain funds. Donatives and commercial nonprofit organizations share common practices to attract a variety of consumers to acquire proceeds. As a result, fundraising practices are less effective because of the recognizable approach similar organizations share.
The nonprofit financial support profile the customs commerce theory use to promote goods and services. Findings indicate the basis attainment method and institutional relationships are influential in forecasting advertising behavior. To overcome failure to generate profits unique methods produce and maintain assets course...

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