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Hypothesis Identification Essay

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Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

      The hypothetical discussion of the paper is to define the validity assessment of students’ regard for teachers. A preliminary examination is presented in order to illustrate how people respect teachers. The study results should capture the relationship demonstrated in “Student Respect for a Teacher: Measurement and Relationships to Teacher Credibility and Classroom Behavior Perceptions" by Martinez-Egger and Powers (2003).
      The present research focuses upon developing such a means to theoretically describe how students regard teachers as the degree of respect a student has for their instructor. The hypothesis of degrees of respect for a teacher occurs at the educational level, and parallels, or is at least forecasting, of other perceptions of teachers and related communicative products. For example, a student’s regard for a teacher would reasonably affect that student’s performance toward, and communication with, that teacher during class, office, or hallway interactions, as well as student communications with other members of their school community about that teacher. The significance of acquiring more knowledge about students’ respect cannot be taken too lightly. To estimate the legitimacy of this measure, the relationship between a student’s respect for a teacher and the student’s view of the teacher’s integrity must be analyzed. Assuming the conceptual meaning of student regard for their instructor as a general sense of respect for that person, an association with understandings of credibility has obvious face validity.
      To perform this research, elementary and secondary education levels were surveyed and the research was inclusive of a study of students in a basic communications class who contributed and volunteered in the study activities. On that foundation, the resulting hypotheses were studied as part of the validity assessment measurement of students’...

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