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Hypothesis Identification Essay

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Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis
Shebrenna Tangarife
University of Phoenix
Research and Evaluation II
RES /342
Robert Robinson
March 05, 2012

Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis
The basis of this research is on the study of communication between children and health professionals in a child hospital setting.   This paper will address the background of the study, methods used, and the findings.  
The study was done in 2005 and considered the approach to communicating with children in health care.   The research was unique because of a lack of studies focused on this specific type of communication.   In order to capture a good sample size, the researchers gathered their findings in a children’s hospital.   The researchers used an ethnographic approach to this study, defining children, and adults as the two groups communicating.   The study collected data from 49 children ranging from ages 6-16.   The challenge with using children was continual   changing due to short hospital stays.   The ward was visited by researchers for 53 days.  
The measurements used to decide whether the hypothesis was accepted or rejected were collected from various methods.   These methods include: semi-participant observations, unstructured interviews, participatory activities, and documentary evidence.   Through these methods it was determined that health professionals predominantly place children in two positions in the communication process.   The children were either identified as a passive bystander or an active participant.   The passive bystander was marginal to the communication process when healthcare professionals did not directly communicate with them.   The children who were considered active participants were engaged in the interaction with the healthcare professional.   The model that displayed...

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