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Hypothesis Article Analysis

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Hypothesis Article Analysis
  Measurement and Relationships to Teacher Credibility and Classroom Behavior Perceptions by Martinez-Egger and Powers (2003) was the basis for this Hypothesis Identification Analysis paper. The hypothesis of the study was to determine the validity evaluation of students respect for teachers. The main question was the researchers’ quest to know the measurability of valid and reliable respect between a student and teacher. To conduct this survey, elementary to secondary education levels were reviewed, and the research was inclusive of a study from students in a basic communication’s class who participated and volunteered in the research activities. . There was a participation of 150 students for this survey with 61 males and 89 females.
        The first step that researchers explored was the prediction of frequent behavior between students with respect to teachers. A main component was the study of the measure of respect students have for adults. The definition of respect is “warmth and caring” (Hersrud, 1994).   How students were treated became a valid part of the survey. The teachers’ behavior can create an impact on the lack of respect a student has for a teacher.   When students are treated respectfully they give the same respect in return. If students are treated disrespectfully from a teacher then students will have a tendency to treat the teacher the same way.  
The study showed the teachers pay a big role in the way students treat teachers. When teachers treat students with respect the students treat the teachers with respect. When students are treated with disrespect they treat the teachers the same way.   Several factors were considered in retrospect: character and trustworthiness with trustworthiness being significant in the essence of a teacher’s character. The study focused on development and measurement of definition of the student’s respect for teachers or instructors in the teaching profession.
The hypotheses of 1, 2,...

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