Hypotheses and the Scientific Method Essay

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Hypotheses and the Scientific Method SC235: General Biology1: Human Perspectives Sabrina Helsel January 31, 2014 Assignment Question 1: Read the scenario below and then analyze what is wrong with the hypothesis given. Renee has noticed that a few of her friends have better eyesight than she does. She watches what they eat and then decides to come up with a hypothesis. Her hypothesis is as follows: My friends who eat tasty food for lunch have the best eyesight. Answer: The variable in the hypothesis, tasty food, is too vague and broad. There are no specific foods listed and there is usually only one measurable variable. There is no one specific variable to manipulate (Ireland, 2010). Is Renee defining ‘tasty foods’ as food tasty to her or the participants? Are the same foods tasty to all subjects? “A good hypothesis has two critical characteristics: it is specific and it is testable” (Ireland, 2010). The hypothesis given in the example is neither. Assignment Question 2: Read the scenario below and then write three of your own good hypotheses about what is going on. Be sure to keep in mind the two characteristics of a good hypothesis discussed above. There are seven chickens in the farmyard. One morning, when you go out to feed them, you see only six. What might be occurring? Answer: Hypothesis #1- Someone stole one of the chickens from the farmyard. Hypothesis #2- One chicken escaped from the farmyard and ran away. Hypothesis #3- A wild animal came into the farmyard and ate one of the chickens. All three hypotheses are educated guesses based on facts and evidence (Ireland, 2010). All three hypotheses are specific and testable (Ireland, 2010). And all three hypotheses can be tested by looking for evidence of animal or human tracks, with the lack of foreign tracks indicating escape. Assignment Question 3: Read the story below and identify the

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