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Hypnosis is state of deep relaxation, focused attention and internal concentration and Hypnotherapy is form a therapy that uses hypnosis for self-improvement and release of problems. During the state of hypnosis the therapist indulges the clients sub-conscious mind, which in the state of complete relaxation is highly receptive to suggestions and ideas. When asked, majority of the people were unsure about how they felt about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Most were unaware of the difference between the two and their lack of knowledge on the subject made them skeptical about the art of hypnosis and it’s healing power, one person stated, “ I think it’s a technique to brainwash somebody in a short time”. Even though a few people had known of people…show more content…
After getting a general outlook of people’s views on ‘Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy’, I realized that people tend to base their assumptions about hypnosis on stage acts,“ I have seen in movies and read in books, it is executed by ways of swinging a pocket watch back and forth”, expressed one individual when asked what hypnosis meant to her. People fail to recognize that stage hypnotists screen their volunteers to select the most cooperative and responsive exhibitionists. The hypnotist is only a practitioner skilled in the art of hypnosis who facilitates the client to achieve his goals. Hypnosis is not a form of sleep and the client is at all times under control and cannot be made to do anything against his/her will. What people fail to acknowledge is that the success of hypnosis lie’s in the self. It’s the extreme power of our unconscious mind that is responsible for our autonomic, learned and conditioned responses (positive and negative). Our unconscious mind is able to process a 100,000 pieces of information at any given time, and being able to store over 400,000,000 relating to our behavioral habits, beliefs, memories and

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