Hypnotherapy Case Study: Protecting Identity In The Workplace

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Hypnotherapy Case Studies All of the examples below are taken from clients that I have treated. They are all true stories; names have been altered to protect identity. Social Anxiety Andrew was finding that whenever he was going anywhere with a group, he was a "bag of nerves". He thought that everyone was looking at him and judging him. The situation was even worse when the places he visited were completely unknown. These feelings were leading to what he described as "black moods" and interrupted sleep. After 6 sessions, things had changed significantly –as well as going out with friends, he reported being able to attend a rock concert; something that just a few weeks previously would have been unimaginable for him. Alison had a problem with people. She found it very difficult to speak to strangers, and even within her own family unit she found it difficult…show more content…
Pam was successful at work but suddenly handed in her notice when she found out that they were moving to a nearby office block and that she had to use stairs that were open at the sides. Also, the office was on the top floor, and for her this was unbearable. Her boss was mortified that he should lose one of his best employees and paid for her to come and see me. Seven weeks later she was walking up and down those stairs on her own and able to look out of the office window without any fear whatsoever. Of course, she withdrew her notice. Fear of Flying Simon was extremely distressed by flying and had cancelled previous flights at the last moment because he felt unable to get on the plane. Not only that, he found it difficult to be a passenger in a car. Things had come to a head when he had booked and paid for a 3-month holiday to America. After 6 sessions, his anxiety had almost gone. The next week we went to the airport together and he confirmed that this caused no anxiety whatsoever. The following day he flew to America without fuss. Anxiety and

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