Hypnotherapy: A Comparative Analysis

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Inductions differ in style and manner. They can be authoritative ('You are becoming more and more relaxed and you will feel yourself...;, or 'I want you to imagine yourself...') or they can be more permissive (Perhaps you would like to...' or 'You may find that...'). Such differences are likely to be shown equally in the tone of voice, style of delivery, and so on. Each practitioner will find or choose a style that he finds congenial and suits the particular patient of the moment. - Hypnotherapy A practical Handbook Hellmut W.A. Karle and Jennifer H Boys Two main techniques are used for the induction process: the authoritarian technique and the permissive technique. The characteristics of each differ drasticaly, and each one tends to…show more content…
People who are scientifically oriented will be more likely to fit into this category, as opposed to those who are highly imaginative or creative. The permissive technique employs a softer tone of voice to lull the subject into relaxation. In contrast to the authoritarian technique, the hypnotist and the subject are equal partners in the process. More imagery is used to enhance suggestions, and greater responsibility is given to the subject. The subjects who are most responsive to this technique are ones who are more imaginative and creative. Because more specific, individualized imagery is incorporated into the induction, the induction becomes more real, more applicable to the individual. The technique is particularly successful with subjects who are reaching goals, such as those people who want to become more successful in an occupation or who want to improve their working conditions through their own…show more content…
We have different likes and dislikes, come from different cultural backgrounds and will have been brought up in environments that have provided us with different outlooks, values and perspectives. As we learnt in the previous module, when we use hypnosis with a client we are working with the subconscious mind so in order to achieve the best chance to success we need to do our utmost to assist our clients to realise the most beneficial state possible. There are several techniques that we can employ that alter the language we use to suit the personality and individuality of the client and this is what we are going to be studying in this

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