Hypnotherapy Essay

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A distinct advantage of non-personalised induction techniques is also present when it comes to group Hypnosis, because a non-personalised induction method uses mixed modalities they are able to be effective on a large number of the group, if the Hypnotherapist attempted to use a specific induction technique I.E. Visual it would be highly likely that he would exclude a bigger portion of the group coming for help and may even alienate some to the process. Ability to read and interpret body language and verbal queues can also be mitigated by the use of a non-personalised induction method for clients who have very hard to read body language signals or that have trouble opening up to begin with, also some people have very few body language and verbal tells and it can be extremely difficult and frustrating to gain an insight in to their particular modality, although I believe it will be possible to do this given sufficient time, staying with a non-personalised induction technique means that the Hypnotherapist does not have to spend excess time learning the specifics of the clients modalities and can more quickly move to concentrating on the presenting issue using generalised language. I believe in a personalised approach to induction because of several different factors, one is suggestibility. What I mean by this is that we all have a different degree of suggestibility, or to phrase it another way, we all capable of going in to a trance but the depth can vary. I believe that by personalising the induction method we hit more of our client’s hot spots allowing them to take themselves in to a deeper

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