Hypercommercialism Essay

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|Hypercommercialism: | |Good or Bad? | | Hypercommercialism is the tendency for television shows and movies to sell space in their films that are dedicated to product placement in order to create a profit. Hypercommercialism is playing an increasingly important role in the media industry today – brands can advertise to consumers in a space where they cannot change what is being shown on the screen while producers are able to successfully fund the creation of these films. Product placement has changed significantly over the decades, and hypercommercialism is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society. Many question whether our society has become reliant on the bombardment of advertisements and if these messages are really necessary for the success for different products and services. However, some will argue that the messages that are sent to us by advertisers are essential for the success of any good marketing campaign. In today’s media industry, there are conflicting principles between capitalism and ethics – should companies continue to solicit film producers in order to increase their profit? How far is too far? In my opinion, hypercommercialism is extremely successful in advertising to society. Just look at all the success many products have found from simple product placement. Not only do these products find success, but the producers of the media find are able to create a lot of revenue through the creation of new trends in society, like Ray Bans’ placement in the movie Risky Business. After seeing Tom Cruise sport this new look, consumers were going crazy trying to

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