Hyperbole For Rhetorical Analysis

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Use Language with purpose a. Stylistic strategies to develop ethos i. Using hyperbole for the idea that I can bring “World Peace” creating a “Utopia” shows the audience/listeners that I have high goals and by saying how I plan to start my goal for creating a “Utopia” by fighting against terrorism and ending the war with Iraq in a responsible way, shows them that I know what I am talking about and know where my first steps that are needed to be taken. I will also seem like a smart/caring person, especially since I am most likely trying to cause change that almost all would agree with and support! The reason this is a hyperbole is because I am exaggerating the term peace calling it world peace and saying I can create a utopia but we know that is impossible to create a utopia in our world, but the image it brings is showing the people that I can…show more content…
“We have all had that person who made us feel like a million dollars.” iii. Onomatopoeia – The sound “boom” with the words “flash” and “destruction” paint us a picture of a bomb exploding and by using the protection of children and mentioning their fear (emotion) this helps others provide empathy and either relate to their fear or feel sad for these children. “Many of us have heard the boom, and seen the flash of which all destruction came along with it. We can all change this and protect many children from having to also be in fear from the sound of death” iv. Personification - This is developing the impression that time has living qualities such as the ability to fly or speed up or slow down, when we all know time is never changing its speed and is always constant. This relates emotionally with having a good time, happiness, maybe emotions/ideas of being in trouble for being late etc. “Time flew and before we knew it, it was time to go

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