Hypatia Essay

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Hypatia was the daughter of a philosopher called Theon alexandricus, she born in 355 in a city called Alexandria when she study mathematic an philosophy, when she was 24 years she decided to be a teacher in the Platonist school where she teach pagans and Christians philosophy. She was an atheist that all her live work for the progression of the science, While she was working as a mathematic and astrologer she proposed a lot of theories that in a future will be the bases for many scientist so they can make the laws of the universe one of the most famous theories of Hypatia was the discover that the sun don’t goes around us, and that the earth is the one that goes around the sun, she also was the first women on identifying almost all the stars, she also was the creator of the hydrometer that is used for seen the density of the liquids. In the other hand Hypatia was the only person that said what she think of good an science in public without being afraid of what the Christians will say to this when they know that she was an atheist and a scientist, I think that she was a really brave women for doing this and also for being proud of who she was. When the Christians noticed the influence that Hypatia had on the people and that she was an atheist and a scientist they don’t think twice and they blame here of been a magician so they first humiliated her in front of everyone by taking her cloth out and after that they killed her as a symbol of what will happened to any one that goes against the Christians. But after all this time the church recognize Hypatia as the victim that she really

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