Hymowitz's Essay Tweens: Ten Going On Sixteen

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Analysis: Tweens: Ten Going on Sixteen In Kay S. Hymowitz essay “Tweens: Ten Going on Sixteen,” she focuses on the rapid growth of the youth. She argues about what is really affecting younger children. She argues about many things that are affecting the younger generation. Media, parents, and the internet plays a HUGE role in the rapid growth of younger generation according to Hymowitz. Hymowitz argument is effective because she uses very stern and effective information to follow her argument. Hymowitz use of her argument points it reveals the seriousness of society and how it is affecting our youth. In paragraph five she states, “There’s no question there’s a deep trend, not a passing fad, toward kids getting older younger,” By her simplifying this she is complying that it’s almost common now a days that younger children are growing up fast for their age. I agree with this in so many ways. For instance my little cousin is only fourteen…show more content…
Parents’ lack of attention is triggering this behavior from our youth. Time is most important. Yes, parents’ get busy but always make time for your children. It lessens the chance of this happening. Media, Crime rate, sex rates, drug and alcohol, eating disorders, and the lack attention our youth is receiving are rapidly changing. Younger children are exposed to these things before they even get into high school. The social impact that society is having on our youth is absolutely a problem. It is an even bigger impact on society because the younger generation is being wrongly influence by such nonsense that we all can take charge to help better society. In Kay S. Hymowitz essay she is speaking to everyone that is in contact with our youth. Her essay explains the depth of our society and how serious this is! I’m often asking myself how I can help to better our society and youth, but it is something everyone has to take part in and

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