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Deandre Murray English 101 Bragg Here in Ratliff Hall the people couldn’t be happier, everyone speaks to each other and interacts throughout the hallways. Nearly everyone is very open and free flowing. Nothing but good vibes from majority of the people here. Now although this may seem fairly perfect the building and its occupants still have a few kinks to be worked out. Of the very many problems with the entire building the biggest would have to be hygiene. Personal cleanliness, care for the room, and care for the bathrooms are all going to be discussing. College is a place where you are free and able to find yourself using nothing more than the practices and laws your parents have spent all these years teaching you. For some, this is as simple as following those same morals while adding and subtracting a thing or two as you go along. As for others, let’s just say they try to create their very own laws. After speaking to every single male on my floor, and a few women on the floor. I found that those who stray completely away from mother’s teachings, usually suffer most in the department of personal hygiene. Of the 32 people interviewed, 20 of them and with vivid detail explained how each ends up. The first thing you can smell and see the difference, according to Shawn on the second third floor of Ratliff Hall. I must say the opinions of these young folk are surprisingly correct. In college, without mother cleaning up behind you, things get messy very quickly. A mother who recently visited her son here at Tech found herself in a complete shock from the door. She arrived to a sign on the door, “Danger” it read in bright yellow words. She opened the door and found what she believed was a jungle. Tripping over boxes she had sent him she nearly lost her marbles. This would be the second largest change after arriving to college without the parental guidance.

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