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Hyenas Essay

  • Submitted by: tahlliweed143
  • on December 16, 2012
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    200 B.C. the god of Africa looked down upon the tahlli land and saw three mischeious Hyenas. Shanzi, Ed, and banzai were their names. They were always up to no good, such as pulling pranks.
    These Hyenas pranks were not very nice. Shanei told banzai to go on the other side of the rocks with ed. shanzi comes out from behind the bushes and scares the meerkats towards Ed and banzai. They all trapped them in a circle, but luckily the meerkats had a hole to get under ground to escape. The hyenas would laugh hysterically. The god of Africa told them, “You shall stop laughing at the weak.”
    Ed and Shanzi would distract the lions in order to let banzai to sneak in to get their food. After the fact banzai got the food he said “whoa that was so close…” Ed and Shanzi both laughed hard where it was hard to breathe because they didn’t have to deal with much anxiety. Once again the god of Africa told the hyenas, “You shall stop laughing at others.” Last on the hill of terror the hyenas snuck up on a heard of water buffalos. On the count of threethey all said “booga, booga!!!” really loud running towards them and scared the herd to make them have a stampeed down the hill of terror. The hyenas still did not listen and laughed. The god of Africa said the last time, “this is your last warning for your outrageous laugh towards the innocent.”
    The hyenas were laughing really hard again finally the god of Africa was very upset. So she said, “you have laughed at the god of Africa in despite of ignorance, you shal receive what you gave to others.” The god of Africa gave the hyenas a hidious laugh in return for being rude to the innocent. To make a point the god of Africa was trying to prove when you mess with others, there shall be bad luck in return.

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