Hydrokinetics Essay

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Deep within the mighty fjords of Scandinavia, the sea crashes powerfully against the granite mountainsides, just as it has since the dawn of time. Lush green mountain cliffs are vivid with emerald plants and shimmer with mist. These cliffs are rugged, and there are few travelable paths from the sea to the hilltops. The seas are a deep grey, mimicking the cloud’s color. The sea canyons rise impossibly steep and loom overhead, and the sea channels are as monstrously deep as the cliffs are tall. The nomadic Norse treasure these shallow bays that are hidden in a maze of high cliffs because they can be used as harbors. Generations of their people have adapted well to the hardships of life and survived by using the lands and seas. The waterways are crucial for them, and the high ground offers shelter from predator and elements alike. The sea offers only one thing: life itself. We look back nearly a thousand years ago at one such village, Jonstord. The village produces the mightiest of warriors and the deftest of sea fairers. They are bred for this life by generations of hardy forefathers. The village has survived long enough to prosper and grow. It is time for them to build. High upon on a mighty hilltop, looming above the shore-side village of Jonstord, is the chosen building site of the new great hall. Its mammoth uncompleted stone foundation peers over a tall seaside precipice that overlooks the town and blue waters below. The whole clan works together to construct the building that will be used by all for sanctuary, gatherings, and the dealings of the clan. The longboats have recently returned with timbers of oak that are great enough to be carved into the pillars. These giant logs lie stripped of branches and stacked on the shore under the cliff. It took seventeen strong men to unload each one from the boat to the shore. Moving the oak logs up the winding

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