Hydrofoil Mystery Essay

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Hydrofoil Mystery Chapter 17 Purpose Of This Chapter: Chapter 17 tells reader that Billy found out who is helping Germans. Who tried to destroy HD-4. Summary: At the beginning of the chapter, Billy was in his room and he was writing letter to his mother and told her that he rum in to burning building and saved HD-4. Billy heard noise then he went downstair to check what’s that noise. He heard some peoples are talking, first they was speaking some other language then they talked in English. Billy came to know that Simon is helping German’s. He got shocked, he never expect this from Simon. German’s said to Simon that you are a traitors. He betrayed Mr.Bell just for money. German’s asked to Simon where’s Mr.Bell room. He didn’t tell to German’s because he came to know that they wanted to kill him, he didn’t tell them. So, German’s killed Simon. Characters: ▸ Billy: boy who found out who is trying to destroy HD-4. ▸ Simon: worker of Mr.Bell’s estate Who helped German’s to destroy HD-4 and got killed. ▸ German’s: peoples who want to know Mr.Bell’s room and killed Simon. Character Development: This chapter Billy got shocked. He was really surprised that Simon is helping German’s. He never thought that Simon will do this. When German’s killed Simon he couldn’t do anything. Plot Development: This chapter was interesting because Billy came to know that Simon helped German’s. Police came to investigate about the accident but Mr.Bell didn’t let them investigate. Billy was writing letter to his mother while he was writing the letter he heard some noise. When he went downstair and see he got shocked that Simon helped German’s and they killed Simon. Literary Techniques And Devices: ▸ “ In shifts of six, unsmiling, serious, scowling soldiers stood on all sides of the boathouse.” (Alliteration-pg 177) ▸ “ The sun
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