Hydrocodone Bitarate Acetominophen Research Paper

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Hydrocodone Bitarate Acetominophen, or more commonly known as Vicodin®, is the number one prescribed medication in the United States. Currently there are around 131.2 million prescriptions among Americans. Vicodin® is a narcotic pain reliever and is used in many applications of the medical field. Its chemical formula is C8H9NO2. It is used in post surgery as well as common pain relief. Vicodin® acts as a block in the central nervous system. This can cause it to be very lethal if overdosed, causing the central nervous system to completely shut down. Its purpose is to block signals of pain being delivered to the brain. Vicodin®, because of its “mellowing” properties, can become highly addictive and is why it is among hundreds of abused narcotics…show more content…
Lisinopril is used to treat patients with high blood pressure. It more commonly goes by the name Prinivil®. Its chemical formula is C21H31N3O5. Prinivil® works by widening the blood vessels throughout your body. This allows blood to circulate more easily without putting more strain on your heart. This can also be beneficial during exercise reducing the risk of shortness of breath. Fourth is Synthroid® or levothyroxine sodium. This medication is used to treat hypothyroid and is prescribed to over 70 million people. Hypothyroidism is a condition when your thyroid is not working 100%. This could be caused by an iodine deficiency or it can be hereditary. Synthroid® is for the most part a hormone tablet, designed to replenish lacking hormones that are usually produced by your thyroid. Its chemical formula is C15H11I4NO4. Lastly, Norvasc®, which is a medication used by over 57 million people. It is also known as amplodipine and is used to treat high blood pressure. Its chemical formula is C20H25ClN2O5·C6H6O3S. If you notice, the chemical formula of Norvasc® and Lisinopril® are almost identical. This would make sense because they are used to treat the same thing. The difference between the two is how they work. Norvasc® acts as a calcium channel blocker. It blocks calcium entering the heart which helps relax the blood vessels. This helps lower your blood

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