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HydroCan - A (Advance Copy) Anne T. Hale This case was prepared by Anne T. Hale, Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing, Faculty of Business, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, as a basis For class discussion. Copyright by Anne T. Hale. Stone Age Marketing Consultants was founded five years ago by Cari Clarkstone, Karen Jonestone, and Robert Sommerstone. Their target clients were small, start-up firms as well as medium-sized firms looking to expand operations. Their newest client, HydroCan, had a meeting scheduled for the following afternoon, and the three founders were discussing the results of their market analysis. HydroCan was a start-up company that was obtaining patents in both the US and Canada for a new type of lawn-care product. Since the company was comprised of three agricultural engineers and a financial accountant, they were in need of marketing advice concerning their TM new product, StaGreen . This product, when applied to most types of grass, enabled the root system to retain water longer, thus reducing the need for both extra watering as well as frequent fertilizing. They were anxious to take this product to market; however, they desperately needed answers to several questions, including how to position their new product and what type of launch strategy they should use. They approached Stone Age Marketing Consultants approximately four weeks ago with their needs. The marketing consultants had analyzed the markets, costs, prices, and communications options. Their last task was to formulate a comprehensive strategy for TM the launch of StaGreen . INITIAL MEETING WITH HYDROCAN During the initial meeting between HydroCan and Stone Age, the engineers outlined the product and its potential benefits. Although the product was classified as a chemical fertilizer, it had one very important

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