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Hyderabad, the royal city is a blend of the old and the new, having an inherent style and age-old culture, it is a delight to visit. From the magnificent food to the majestic monuments, from its terrific landscapes to a populace steeped in respect and tradition, the city is just full of surprises. One can explore her by lanes, taste the roadside foodstuff, feel the entrepreneurial excitement in the air and get a whiff of the nostalgia as well. It is also the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh and the only city in the south, where the major language spoken is Urdu. Inhibited by the world's richest royals, the Nizams, it is also the centre of folk arts like shadow puppetry and kuchipudi, which is an ancient dance form. One of the largest and wealthiest of India's former princely states, the city built its fortune on the trade of pearls, gold, steel, fabric and, above all, diamonds, which some believe remain hidden beneath the foundations of Golconda Fort, precursor to the city some 10km away. Once the most famous diamond kingdom in the world, Golconda was home to the Kohinoor, the worlds most sought after diamond as well as the Orloff, Regent, and Hope, famous for their typically bloody histories. From nawabs and pearls to the world's hi-tech happening point, the city's journey is fascinating. The sprawling metropolis is finally coming to terms with itself. Hyderabad is more than 400 years old but is today as famous for its burgeoning information technology and biotech research industries, as it is for its minarets. It is one of India's fastest-growing cities, with a projected population of 7.5 million by 2015, but unlike most, Hyderabad is actually getting greener and cleaner. A substantial part of the city is the suburb of 'Cyberabad', where Microsoft and Oracle are but two major players in the development known as Hi-Tech City, responsible for the city's

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