Hybride Vehicles Essay

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Coventry University BESH024 - Pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes (4 Weeks) Title: To What Extent Can Electrical Hybrid Cars Replace Fuel Cars? Done by: Almandhar SH Al-Hamrashdi Class: 4PGPM4 Student Number: 5331161 0 1. Introduction Electric power cars use electrical motor instead of gas or gasoline engines. The first electrical vehicle was born in 1834 by Thomas Davenport in United state and had non-rechargeable batteries. After that, the application and usage of the electric vehicles reduced as for local delivery vehicles only. "Over the world scientist and engineers have been working hardly in order to develop the electrical cars to make them more applicable since the electrical cars are environmentally friendly" (Ronald, 2002). Recently there are approximately three types of the electric cars which are battery electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and fuel-cell electric vehicles. Battery EVs use electric motors as propulsion system where HEV use both electric motor and internal combustion engine (ICE).Moreover, fuel-cell EVs use electric motor too (Chan, 2002). Hybrid electric vehicle combines between the electrical power motor and the internal combustion engine. Using the electrical power motor will lead to reduce the amount of the air pollutions and save more energy (Emadi, et al.2008). Hybrid electric vehicle can replace the internal combustion car because it solves a lot of gasoline vehicle problems such as noise and air pollution as will be discussed in this report. This paper will focus more on the hybrid electric vehicles and it will begin with the classification types of the hybrid electrical vehicle and their working system. After that, the advantages and limitations of these hybrid electrical cars will be mentioned. Finally, a comparison between HEV and fuel engine vehicle will be conducted and the conclusion will

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