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Hybrid Cars 1. Is Hybrid Technology Changing Our Future? Joseph Terry English 102 Prof. Cary Hazelwood April 14, 2012 Hybrid Cars 2 Abstract Americans today all rely on some sort of transportation, whether it is walking riding a bike or what most choose automobiles. Today almost every household in the United States owns at least one car. Every day we rely on are cars to take us to where we need to go but recently gas prices have risen to terrible heights that many cannot afford. Although gas prices are raising most the vehicles that many see around town are not fuel efficient vehicles. With new vehicles on the market such as Hybrid and Electric vehicles why have we not seen so many Americans today switching over and using the cars that get upwards to 60 mpg? Instead we see the same old cars such as the Chevy Silverado’s, blazers, and SUV;s that get around 14 mpg. Has the new technology just not got around or maybe people just do not trust this technology yet because it is new. Hybrid Cars 3. As Americans today we find our transportation has rapidly changed over the years. Some of our earliest forms of transportation were the horse and buggy all the way back to the steam powered engines. More modern transportation today would be vehicles that are powered by gasoline. Today gas is one of the most expensive things we find ourselves facing and not being able to avoid. Gas prices our soaring at one of the highest prices they have ever been. Most vehicles today if you go to the gas stations you are probably faced with paying anywhere from $30-$60 to fill the gas tank up, with only our top gas powered vehicles today getting around 21 miles per gallon (mpg). Researchers and car manufactures today have made it

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