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Term Report To: Hugh BLAIR From: Alen HABIBIC Date: 26/11/2012 RE: Term Report Introduction: For many years, automakers have been attempting to design a viable electric vehicle. It has long been known that oil is a finite resource and with the demands for oil largely driven by America's demands, as well as the ever-increasing demands of other industrialized nations, both automakers and governments have long been desiring of a pollution-free alternative that does not rely on oil and gasoline to run. o Definition of Hybrid A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses an on-board rechargeable energy storage system (RESS) and a fuel based power source for vehicle propulsion. These vehicles use much less fuel than their counterparts and produce less emissions. Hybrid vehicles recharge their batteries by capturing kinetic energy through regenerative braking. Some hybrids use the combustion engine to generate electricity by spinning a generator to either recharge the battery or directly feed power to an electric motor that drives the vehicle. This takes place when cruising or in other situations where just light thrust is needed Body:  Origin of Hybrid cars o First Hybrid cars Le premier véhicule de ce type à être mis sur le marché en grande série est la Toyota Prius, fin 1997 au Japon (dans une version jamais commercialisée en dehors de l'archipel), suivie par le coupé 2 places Honda Insight en 1999, qui fut également exporté aux États-Unis et dans quelques autres pays mais pas en France. La troisième version de la Prius (modèle NHW20) a reçu le titre européen de voiture de l'année en 2005. En 2008, Toyota avait vendu un million d'exemplaires de sa Prius. En 2007, Toyota remporta avec sa Camry Hybride plusieurs prix d'importance dans le monde automobile, l'Association des journalistes automobile du Canada ayant octroyé à la Camry Hybride 2007

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