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1. What symptoms exist to suggest that something has gone wrong? There were some key observable signs that things have gone wrong when Syd Gilman who is the Vice President of Marketing at Hy Dairies Ltd was speaking with Rochelle Beauport during her annual performance review. Syd was so fixated that Rochelle would love the marketing research coordinator job position that he failed to recognize Rochelle’s reaction to the news and misperceived her somewhat negative reaction as a positive one. Rochelle had different perceptions and expectations that lead her into a tough decision making process of whether to confront Syd on what she perceived as a possible discrimination issue as she was a visible minority or just simply leave the company altogether. Rochelle’s immediate thoughts on the marketing research coordinator position was that this job was a technical support position in other words a “backroom” job far removed from the companies bottom-line activities. Her thoughts were that marketing research was not the route to top management in most organizations. She was one of the top women and a visible minority at Hy’s and she thought she was being sidelined as there is stereotyping that goes on with women in this industry. Syd assumed that Rochelle’s surprised reaction (although negative) was due to the wonderful career opportunity he was presenting her with, but his misperception was due to the fact he was presented the same opportunity and his was a positive experience for his career as he is now the vice president of the company. 2. What are the root causes that led to these symptoms? Syd who is a white, male, been with Hy’s for some time and holds a high ranking position within the company and then there is Rochelle who is a female, visible minority, fairly new to Hy’s and holds a middle management position within the company have two distinctive

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