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Unit #1 : Geography, Economics and Governments Lesson #: 1 Lesson name: Geography Tools Core Content : S.S. 06-4.1.1 Geographic Tools, R.L.6-8.7 DOK: 2 Essential Question: How do geographers show information on maps? Learning Target/Objective: I can define “Geography” and locate the continents, oceans, hemispheres, prime meridian, equator, etc. on a world map. Vocabulary (word wall): geography, continent, hemispheres, latitude, longitude, parallel, meridian, compass rose, cardinal & intermediate directions, scale, absolute location Flashbacks: Geography Quick Quiz questions 1-3 Instructional Strategies: Students will fold a poster board to create their unit one foldable. Students will then brainstorm to fill out a Frayer Model for the word “Geography”. This will be placed into the folder section of the unit one foldable. Next, they will use planner pages 110-111 (World Map) to help them locate and label the continents and oceans on a blank world map. This map will be cut out and placed in the center of the unit one foldable; which will be used throughout the entirety of unit one and reviewed throughout the year. Next, students will refer to The World and Its People textbook pages 4-5 and highlight and label the following: the compass rose with cardinal and intermediate directions, the prime meridian, the equator, a line of longitude and a line of latitude, and they will use an atlas to locate and label the absolute location of Louisville, Kentucky. Then students will be given two circle cut-outs to trace and cut out. These will be cut in half and students will label them with the northern and southern hemispheres and the western and eastern hemispheres. Teacher will demonstrate activities on the screen with a projected version of the world map using the active slate and the ELMO projector. Exit Slip: Define “geography” Formative

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